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werwer jireenya

maafan bu’aa ba’aa

biyya lafaa kanarraa

tokko  lama jedhee yommuun ofitti hassaassuu

baayyeema na dhibaa jireenya badaan kuni

maaliif ta’e laata hadhaa’aa akkasii

hojjennaanoo dide yoom argina bu’aasaa?


The Blog

For nearly thirty years, ArLynn Presser avoided leaving her neighborhood in Winnetka, Illinois, as she would experience debilitating anxiety and panic attacks when visiting public places and interacting with people outside her home.

But once she turned fifty, the romance writer decided that she was tired of living in isolation, and ready to face her greatest fear. On December 31, 2010 she started a blog at and wrote in her first post, “My New Year’s resolution is to meet every Facebook friend I have.”

And so she spent 2011 visiting friends all over the world (and meeting some for the very first time). Her son Joseph accompanied her on the journey, recording video clips for ArLynn to share on her blog, which she’s been updating regularly since announcing her resolution on New Year’s Eve 2011. By the end of the year she had been to 13 different countries and…

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Mirgi ijoollee …

Mirgi ijoollee oromoo Jimmaa Yuuniversiitti jalaa sarbame.

Ijoolleen oromoo otuu dhugaa,abbaa fi biyya qabduu akka dhugaa ,abbaa fi biyya hin qabnee lammii/biyya ishee keessatti lammii isheetiin mirgi ishee jalaa dhiibame.Gaaffii mirgaa gaafachuun akka shororkeessummaatti waan ilaalamee gaaffii gaafachuu hin danda’an.Kun immoo waldhibdee oromoo fi qomoo biraa gidduu jiru daran akka cimu taasise.Sabab gaaffii mirgaa gaafataniif humni waraanaa yuuniversiiticha haguugee waan qabateef qomoo gara biraa daran boonsee jira.Barataan oromoo waan tokkollee dubbachuu hin danda’u.Sababni isaas barataan oromoo yoo isaan ilaale battalumaan deemanii waan himaataniif jarris ammoo humna waraanaa haguugee jiruun waan qabsiisaniif ba’uu fi galuun barataa oromootti yaaddessaa ta’eera.

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